For pet owners – especially those who have a dog or cat who loves to wander outside the home – they need to know the invisible dog fence cost before they could have such a protective barrier installed. This is quite understandable. It is already a given that electric pet fence supplies can be very expensive. If you are not particularly handy around the house, you will need someone to install it.

How Much Do Invisible Dog Fence Cost?

Before we actually go into invisible dog fence cost, let us first make a small correction regarding terms. There are still some people who ask question that how much do invisible dog fences cost? and some think of these high tech pet barriers as being the same as those formidable electric fences with barbed wire through which courses 10,000 volts or more of electricity.

While most installers would already understand what you mean by “electric fence installation“, it should be emphasized that the correct term for such containment systems as “invisible fences”. In fact, one company has adopted the name “Invisible Dog Fence” for its brand.

Invisible Dog Fence Cost Of Transceiver And Receiver

Invisible dog fence systems consists of a long wire – which defines the perimeter that the animal is allowed to roam freely and can be placed above ground or dug a few inches under the earth (as in the case of the in ground dog fence) – which is connected to a transmitter. A receiver is placed on special dog collars.

If the dog approaches the perimeter, it will emit sensory cues, like beeps or whistles, to discourage it from going outside the boundary. As the dog gets near to the boundary, the receiver can emit a mild electric shock. With such an elaborate set up, it certainly is no wonder that pet owners are concerned about invisible dog fence cost.

Just what are the types of hardware included in the cost of an invisible pet fence? Obviously, you will need the containment system itself. This would include the transmitter, the wire (solid-core 14-gauge wire is highly recommended), and the dog fence collar.

The system itself has a lifespan of 10 years, but you can increase this by registering the equipment in a saver’s plan offered by the manufacturer. Before buying this product you must want to know, do invisible fences work ? So, you will sure about purchasing. You will also need to replace or upgrade your wire after a period of time.

Invisible Dog Fence: Cost Of Batteries

It should be mentioned that your dog fence collar would require batteries. If you are opting for a genuine branded invisible fence battery, they can cost around $30 to $60 a piece. But if your collar can accommodate cheaper alternatives, they can cost you around $10 to $20. Take note, however, that you will need to replace the batteries at least 2 to 3 times in a year.

Most, if not all, pet containment systems, do not have lightning protection. The long wire makes your home and your invisible fence system particularly vulnerable to lightning strikes. In the absence of a lightning protector, you will need to purchase a separate device, such as Panamax.

Last but not the least, you can expect added expenses if you will have an installer set up your system. If you want to save, you might want to look into companies that not only sell pet containment systems, but will also install it in your home for free.

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