Housebreaking a puppy, needs more than a few old newspapers.  It requires vigilance, patience, consistency and lot of commitment. By keeping in mind, the guidelines are mentioned below you can reduce the house soiling problems, almost every other puppy has an incident in the house. Considered to be part of living with the puppy. The more rigid you are in following the dog training techniques mentioned below, the quicker your puppy will learn the housebreaking methods. But the question is how long does it take to house train a puppy? It could take a few weeks to house train your puppy.

  • Establish A Routine

Like children, puppies do well-being taught on a regular basis, it teaches the puppy that it needs to follow respective timings to play, to eat and to potty. These are the best ways to potty train a puppy.

Typically speaking puppies can hold their bladder for an hour for every month of their age. So if your puppy is two months old, it can hold for almost two hours. Don’t push for a longer time than this between bathroom breaks or it could have an accident. If you are working away from your home then, you will have to rent a dog walker to give your puppy the regular bathroom breaks.

How to train a puppy to pee outside? Take your puppy out regularly, something that you need to do often, which would be once in every two hours and after his nap, drinking or eating. Pick a peeing spot outside. Remember to take your puppy regularly to that spot often and use a word or phrase like ‘go potty’ before he starts it could be as a reminder as to what has to be done. Longer walks can occur after he relieves himself.

housebreaking your puppy

  • Reward Your Puppy Every Time He Eliminates Outdoor

Applaud or even praise it and maybe even a treat could be given, but this should be done immediately after it eliminates not later when it returns. This could be significant because rewarding it once it eliminates itself will remind the puppy as to what is expected of it. Before taking this step, be sure it has finished eliminating itself completely because puppies tend to get diverted too soon. If you happen to praise it early, it may forget to complete until it is back in the house!

  • Put Your Puppy On A Regular Eating Schedule

What is fed to a puppy on exact timings will come out of the puppy on a regular schedule. Puppies need to be fed three to four times a day, doing this at the same time every day makes the puppy eliminate the same number of time and at the same time as well, and this will make house training of your puppy easy.

Few hours before bedtime make your puppy drink enough water to reduce the chances of eliminating during bedtime, animals can approximately sleep for seven hours without removing.

If the puppy does wake up in the middle of its sleep, make no issue out of this, or it will get the idea it’s time to play and not return to sleep. Switch on only a few lights doesn’t talk or try playing with the puppy. If required, take him out to eliminate and bring him back to bed.

tips for housebreaking a dog

  • Supervise Your Puppy

Don’t give an opportunity for your puppy to soil your house. Keep a watchful eye on whatever it does inside the house. Take your puppy for regular walks with a leash if you don’t play with it regularly or training it. Look out for obvious signs of sniffing around or scratching, immediately take him to his spot of eliminating and once done applaud or give a treat. During the puppy training process, your house yard should be looked upon as the other rooms in the house. Let the puppy have its freedom in the yard or the house only after it has been completely house trained.

  • Confine Your Puppy When You Can’t Supervise It

When you are not able to keep a watch over your puppy all the time, confine her to a small area that it will be unable to eliminate there. This area should be just enough for it to be comfortable to lie down, stand or turn around. A portion of the bathroom or the laundry room can be used for this and baby gates to be used to block the area.

You probably may think of crate training your puppy to restrict it in the crate, make sure you know how to use the crate humanely to confine your puppy. If the puppy has spent a long time in the crate you will have to lead him to the eliminating spot and praise it after it finishes.

  • Take Mistakes In Stride

Be ready to face few accidents in the house. This is common in puppy house training. Here’s what has to be done when this happens.

Disrupt the puppy when you catch it eliminating inside the house.

Make a staggering noise, but be careful that you don’t frighten him and instantly take it to its eliminating spot and praise it or even treat it once finished.

Stop punishing the puppy for eliminating inside the house. If you detect a wrong area, it’s better you clean it up. Punishing it will make it fearful of you or awful to eliminate in your attendance. Taking the puppy to the soiled area and scolding it will make it scary to eliminate in your presence. Punishing often ensures more harm than good.

Clean the stained area thoroughly. Puppies are extremely driven to continue dirtying up the spot that smells of urine or feces. Speak with the pet shopkeeper or your veterinarian for merchandise to correctly clean soiled areas.

It is important to make use of the direction and confinement process mentioned to reduce the number of times accidents happen. If you permit your puppy to eliminate often inside the house, it will get confused as where to eliminate, hence prolonging the house training process.

Make Plans When You Are Away

A puppy less than six months old cannot be expected to hold its bladder for a long time, if you were away from your home for more than five or six hours, this would not be the right time to get a puppy home. If you have a puppy already, and you would be away for an extended period, you will need to:

  • Arrange for someone in your absence, maybe your neighbor or a pet sitter to oversee that he eliminates in his spot.
  • Train it to eliminate indoors, in particular, places only, but this could delay your house training. Paper train him properly.
  • When the puppy is to be left alone for a long time, restrict it to an area with sufficient space to sleep and place to play with a distinct place to eliminate.
  • In the unique place to eliminate make sure you leave enough newspaper or leave a sod box.
  • When you clean up the soiled area remember to put the dirty rags in the elimination area, the smell will help the puppy distinguish the area that it is supposed to eliminate.

Following the tips mentioned above would make your housebreaking for your puppy fruitful and natural.

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