A kennel for your backyard may be a good place for your pet to roam. Building dog kennel from scratch saves tons of money. The process to this requires little to no construction experience. The materials to make the kennels are not too complicated or heavy for a person to maneuver. Various treats and toys to this new area is a huge plus. If you have any dog house plans, then these tips are the best suitable to build a dog house. If you follow these instructions, you will end up with a dog kennel that is 128-square-feet.

  • Get wire snips which allow you to cut the middle of a hog panel that should make it into two eight foot long sections.  For now, set the pieces aside. These will be width pieces for the dog kennel.
  • Side by side, lay two hog panels each 16-feet long near the spot where the dog kennel shall be built. Using fencing pliers and panel clips, attach them together.  In every foot, crimp the panel clips around each panel. This paneled bottom with ensure and stop the animal from trying to dig and escape.
  • Put the bottom panel into the kennel area. Using a fence post drive, drive it in all corners of the panel. Place all the fence posts on the last square fence on at every edge. Put the fence post over to the T post and raise the drivel to allow the driver to fall in. Repeat this until the fence post is around 2 feet deep.

Tips To Build A Dog Kennel From Scratch On Your Own

  • Place another ten T posts that are each four feet apart all around the kennel. Insert these T posts around two feet deep and put aside the leftover T post to create the gate.
  • Get and attach a 16-foot panel onto every side of the dog kennel. Proceed to line  the panel and bottom of the dog kennel. Use the pliers to clip on the fence clips. Cut the bailing wire strips to be 5 inches long. Secure the hog panels to the T posts with wire snips.
  • Attach one of the 8-foot sections that was shown in the 1st step. This section will become the back kennel side. Position it carefully.
  • Investigate and examine the kennel to decide where to gate will be located. Put the fence post in three feet away from the corner side. At the other side of the gate , start attaching the 9-feet-wide panel. Once you have successfully attached the panel, stop.
  • Get the bailing wire and cut eight even pieces that are each 9-feet long.  Once that is done, proceed to wrap the end of one of the wires on the top of the kennel panel. Stretch the top of the wire which should allow you to attach it in the same spot but on the other side. These bailing wires will provide extra support on the top of the kennel.  Repeat this step with the remain wires but aligning them two feet apart.
  • With the remaining two hog panels, link them the same way as you did before. Finally, slide the 8-by-16 panel on top of the kennel and connect them with panel clips.

Following the above points, you will end up with the best designer dog kennel for your dog which you have created yourself with full of love for your dog.

from Best Of Dogs http://ift.tt/2aK1Xdv


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